Cabinets of Curiosity  was founded in 2009 by Sarah Blake. After 15 years as a journalist and features editor, Sarah re-trained at Drama Studio London and formed Cabinets of Curiosity in order to combine her skills in both writing and performance. As writer and director, she has created  eight original shows, as well as adapting Virginia Woolf 's A Room Of One's Own for the theatre.

      “Sarah Blake’s stories are generated by the characters, which is the hardest kind of storytelling. Watching, I felt quite envious.” 

                                        – Louis de Bernières, novelist & author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Much of the work created by Cabinets of Curiosity is site-specific - meaning that it has been especially created for a particular venue or extraordinary space, outside the conventions of a traditional theatre. From a Victorian Docklands  warehouse to Europe's largest bookshop, from an historic walled garden in Yorkshire to Trafalgar Square in London, the company is dedicated to producing work that captivates the heart, fascinates the mind and stimulates the imagination. Visit our  Archive page for details of specific shows... and find out about the Cabinets of Curiosity works that are being transformed into audio plays by our sister company, Sounds Curious.